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Regular updates of visualisation photos and video animations from Architects.

Showcase of user completed projects and work-in-progress.
NZ Lumion v11
Visualisation for architectural projects.
Interiors and exteriors.  Ability to handle large scenes.
High quality image, video, 360 Panorama and VR images - fast.
Rapid scene creation and rendering in a dynamic 3D environment.
Review scenes in real-time with clients.
Simple to learn, and use. 
Productive visualisations.

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With Lumion 11, rendering is an integrated part of the design process, an activity that emboldens your craft and inspires your vision for the final result.

Close your eyes and visualize the real-life construction of your design. What do you see? How does it feel?

With Lumion 11, realizing your vision for the design has never been easier. New features such as orthographic views reduce the effort needed to create plan and section views full of life, color and your own unique flavor.

With animated phasing, you can show how the parts of your building connect and interact, creating a dance and a dialogue with the viewer.

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