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Regular updates of visualisation photos and video animations from Architects.

Showcase of user completed projects and work-in-progress.
NZ Lumion v9
Visualisation for architectural scenes.
Interiors and exteriors.  Ability to handle large scenes.
High quality image, video, 360 Panorama and VR images - fast.
Rapid scene creation and rendering in a dynamic 3D environment.
Review scenes in real-time with clients.
Simple to learn, and use. 
Productive visualisations.

Lumion V 9.0 New Feature Images:

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The best way to communicate architecture

Lumion has always set out to define what rendering should be: fast and stress-free with exceptional results.

Now, with Lumion 9, you’ll do more than feel the space. You’ll instantly breathe life into your project while capturing realistic environments faster than ever before.

Lumion 9: Beautiful Renders Within Reach

New Lumion 9 Release video:

Add the one-touch Real Skies to cast a new light on your scene and instantly create a beautiful, unique setting for your designs. Let realistic rain communicate cozy spaces, which you can now decorate with furry rugs and fluffy blankets. For the true-to-life garden shot, apply the new Customizable 3D Grass materials and you’ll almost feel the freshly cut lawn beneath your feet.

New streamlined scene-building tools help you create complex environments in minutes. Add to the improved workflow, Lumion’s jaw-dropping rendering speed and outstanding images and videos are within your reach, on all your projects. Use Lumion 9 to show the true beauty of your designs and form genuine connections with your clients.
Many thanks to those of you who called in to Stand 100 at the Auckland Build Expo 2018 on the 8th and 9th of November.

It seems that many architects and builders understand the exceptional benefits provided by Lumion.  And so many are excited and enthusiastic about using Lumion.

1. Do it Yourself:
Lumion is easy to learn and empowers anyone to create videos and images without any prior training.

2. Very fast results:
Lumion renders images in seconds and videos in minutes. You can even make last-minute changes before a meeting and instantly update your render.

3.Beautiful renders:
You can effectively communicate how designs are going to look and feel. Breathe life into your images and videos with materials, trees, people and effects.
Lumion: Beautiful Renders within Reach
Living environments. Beautiful spaces. Rendered in seconds.
Lumion 9.5 was released Tuesday 18 June 2019 as a free upgrade for Lumion 9 users.

Communicate the cozy feeling of your design and its environment with new, natural objects and materials in Lumion 9.5, available now.

Apply any of the 52 new wood and brick materials and you’ll immediately set up that warm, home-sweet-home feeling for your interiors and exteriors. You can then invite nature into your design with the 14 new leafless trees and shrubs, 96 forest wood objects (twigs, trunks, logs, punk woods, stumps, etc.) and 25 potted plants. (some objects Lumion Pro only)

With the added benefit of lightning-fast rendering, Lumion 9.5 makes it easy to connect interior and exterior spaces with a consistent mood, while helping you quickly polish the look of your renders with a breathtaking level of realism.

Lumion 9.5 is available now

Lumion: Beautiful Renders within Reach Site name
Beautiful Renders Within Reach

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