Beautiful Renders Within Reach with Lumion 11


In architecture, lighting is fundamental.

The dancing interplay of shadows and light is what makes you feel something about a space. It’s why entering a room can give you goosebumps or how sitting on the terrace on a summer’s evening becomes an unforgettable memory.

With a simplicity that’s as natural as sketching on a piece of paper, Lumion 11.3 guides you as you express the mood, life and uniqueness in the spaces you design.

Diffuse light throughout the bedroom of your interior project, casting vivid shadows of the furniture on the walls and the ceiling. Expose the beauty, the atmosphere or the chaotic nuances of how real life would unfold in the home you designed.

Add a little flavor when communicating the movement of people through a landscape design or a commercial building. With Lumion 11.3, there’s no limit to how you can help people experience the life and emotion contained within your design.
Breathe life into 3D models. Invite others to see the beauty of your designs
Tell the story of your design with Lumion 11.3
With the new shadows for omni lights, available in Lumion 11.3, rendering architectural design with the vitality of dynamic lighting becomes a natural, integrated part of your process.

Shadows for Omni Lights

Multifunctional Clip Planes

Reveal all the layers of your design, from multiple angles, with the multifunctional Clip Planes option.

New character silhouettes

Animate conceptual people flows. Show the division of space. No matter what you want to accomplish, Lumion makes it easy with new character silhouettes.

Rendered measurements

Skillfully create informative yet beautiful images and animations that show all the measurements throughout your design.

Other improvements

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Beautiful Renders Within Reach with Lumion 11
Lumion 11.5 helps architects capture the deeply personal connection between a home or building and the people who inhabit it.

So instead of showing just four walls and a roof, render your client’s dream home, render a story that ignites emotions, render the spaces where life happens.


”Retro-inspired” objects

Joyful characters

Reveal the unique identity of spaces with 73 new retro-inspired objects.

You can find stylish appliances to uplift the mood in the kitchen, timeless pieces of furniture for living rooms and home offices, and many other items that add a human, personal touch to your renders.
Express delight throughout your scene with 50 new, non-animated 3D characters.

Whether it’s a sunbather on the grass, a child looking up with wonder, or a couple enjoying a beautiful view together, these cheerful characters are ideal for showing the context, scale and emotion in the background of your project.
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Beautiful Renders Within Reach

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