360 Views of Your Project:

Interactive Panoramic Scenes: is a service that allows anyone to step into and move around your architectural designs using almost any device, including mobile phones and tablets.

With you can share your Lumion projects with anyone and everyone!

How does work?

1. Create viewpoints in your Lumion model with the new MyLumion mode.

2. Render to the cloud.

3. Receive a link by email.

4. Click on the link to view your Lumion project on

5. Share the link with whomever you want!

Note: MyLumion is a Beta service, which means that it is still under development.

Create Viewpoints
Render To the Cloud
Project Uploaded
View a 360 Panoramic With Viewpoints
In Your Web Browser
On Mobile Phones
Examples of MyLumion Panoramic Scenes: visit
Mass Move Enhancements:

Use Mass Move quicker and faster, and to cover more types of motion.

- Enhanced Path Motion: path can now support:
  - single direction: from start to end point or flip for other direction without having to reset the path.
  - dual direction: two directions on the same path - fast for roads and highways.  As in single direction, select one way, or flip for the other.

- Control the Motion of different object types in the same path.

- Improved ability to select paths.
New Resource Monitor:

Graphical and information monitor to display the key resources of the scene.

Use this to monitor used and check available memory on the GPU.
New Resource Monitor
New Models:

New Japanese flag (in Outdoor > Assorted category).

15 new plants, flowers and grass models (Lumion Pro only - in Nature category).

Lumion v5.7 Update Details:

More details from: Lumion web site.
Details: Lumion Verison 5 Upgrade, and Lumion Version 5.3 Upgrade.


Flexible Object Selection and Movement Mode:

Flexible Object Selection and Movement Mode:
With Lumion 5.3, selecting objects is now significantly easier. Objects from different categories, such as people, trees and so on can now be simply selected and moved around your scene.  This mode also makes it easier to select groups of objects by simply dragging a box by left-clicking the mouse.

Lock movement to an axis:
Lumion 5.3 makes it easier to restrict movement to one axis. This prevents you from moving objects in directions other than the desired direction, saving time in tweaking the placement and alignment of objects.

Automatic relief for imported images:
All Lumion materials already have a relief definition included but if you import images for your materials, they normally do not include any natural depth detail. 

In Lumion 5.3, a new feature in the material editor automatically creates a relief definition for Standard Materials. This means, for example,  when you import a brick image the material has enhanced detail and shows the depth of the bricks and mortar.
It’s a wonderful feature!

Easy Selection
Lock Axis for Movement
Relief Mapping for More Depth In Renders
Still Image Rendering:

Hyperlight® in Higher Resolutions (Lumion PRO only)
In Lumion 5.3 you can now enable Hyperlight® when rendering images in Print & Poster resolution.

Lighting is crucial in making compelling images. Hyperlight® is a physically-based method of incorporating light reflections into a scene and greatly improves the lighting quality. This proprietary technology was specially developed for Lumion 5.

Render Photo Set:
Instead of rendering each photo one by one you can now render many photos at once. This is a great time saver when you want to render a new set of images for your client.

Individual effect stacks for each photo:
Individual photos now have their individual effect stacks. This makes it possible to choose different effects for each photo. For example, you can have different light settings for each photo.

This feature, in combination with the new photo-set rendering function, provides an excellent way to improve your photo rendering workflow efficiency.
HyperLight for Print and Poster
Render all Photos at Once - Photo Set
Effects for Each Photo
Making Movies:

Easier eye level camera:
It is sometimes necessary to set the Lumion camera at eye level to better emulate the experience of walking through your design.

In Lumion 5.3 an eye level feature has been added to the camera path editor. New buttons allow you to place the camera position at eye height and quickly orientate the camera for a perfect horizontal view angle.

Check spotlight shadows in real time:
Lighting and shadows add to the natural feel of a presentation. Sometimes it is necessary to check in real time how the shadows and lighting from spotlights appear in a scene. To temporarily view the shadows from spotlights, all you need to do is hold down the F8 key.
Eye Level Camera for Walkthroughs
Switch to See Shadow Details
Import and Export:

Import 3D model as terrain:

Often Lumion users want to import a section of landscape surrounding their models. In Lumion 5.3, it is now possible to mark a section of an imported model as terrain.

This will integrate the imported model more naturally with Lumion’s native terrain. Effectively this makes it easy to place items on top of the landscape of your imported model.

Import your own colors:
The Lumion material editor makes it easy to assign colors to your materials. In Lumion 5.3 these colors are automatically copied from the imported model.

Revit LT:
Lumion is compatible with a range of modelling software. But now it is also possible to import 3D models made with Revit LT, including the materials assigned in Revit LT..

Improved speed, less memory:
The essence of Lumion is that it is fast, easy and beautiful. To improve efficiency and speed, importing is now both faster than ever and less demanding of system resources.
Mark imported model as Terrain
New Acces to Reload Models
Colours are Now Imported

Lumion v5.3 Update Details:

“This update reflects many of their wishes. The Lumion Team has further improved the user-friendly PureGlass® interface, and has developed some great new features. With Lumion they can visualize their wildest architectural dreams.” (Act-3D® B.V. CEO, Ferry Marcellis).

Full Press Release
More details from: Lumion web site.
Details: Lumion Verison 5 Upgrade.
Lumion: Beautiful Renders within Reach Site name
Beautiful Renders Within Reach

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