NEWS: December 2011
Lumion Version 2 is expected in December 2011.  A preview of some of the new features is available here, and at the Lumion web site, plus sample images at the forum.
Interior lighting, night sky, improved animation.
You can purchase V1 now (or upgrade) to V2 when released.  Pre-order purchase details, here.
The Lumion Competition for 2011 closed early November and results released 8th Nov.   Over 144 fantastic submissions, showing a range of subjects and use of Lumion in visualisation.

Lumion 2.0 Now Available:

December 20th, 2011

The updated architecture visualization software lifts visuals to a new level by providing several essential new features for architecture visualization.
Lumion 2 will take visualization indoors by providing quick and easy tools for interior lighting.
The new lighting features allow users to create an amazing atmosphere for indoor visualizations. To achieve believable indoor lighting, the entire material and shading system is updated for enhanced realism.
NEWS: November 2011
Lumion Version 2 was released mid December 2011.  This fantastic update introduces interior lighting, improved sky system, enhanced animation etc.  Details of Version 2 are now available here, and at the Lumion web site.
You can purchase V2 now.  Order and purchase details, ...
Updated Pricing and Ordering page for the release of version 2.

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