NEWS: February 2014

Lumion: Version 4 (4.0.4) Release Details:

Lumion version 4 was released November 2013.

Updates for small features and bug fixes and enhancements to features introduced in V4 such as real-time 3D Grass have been ongoing.

The latest update release is V4.0.4 (february 2014).
Lumion: Stunning visualizations : Rapidly

Lumion Version 4.5.1 Released:

Lumion: Version 4.5.1 Upgrade and Minor Update: Details


Refer also to Lumion web site for Version 4.5 Release.

NEWS: May 2014

Lumion Visualization Competition 2014 Banner
This competition allows upcoming architects to show their talent to the world.

NEWS: July 2014

NEWS: November 2014

NEWS: October 2014

Lumion V5.0 released 3 November.   Amazing new features and workflow enhancements.

Visit Version 5 Upgrade and Product Page for details.

Lumion V 5.0 New Feature Images:

Mass Placement of Objects
Mass Placement of Objects

The Competition Winners

The Lumion Visualization Competition 2014 was aimed at children and teenagers, aiming to inspire them to turn their dreams into reality by making a video using Lumion.

There were thousands of downloads of the competition version of Lumion and entries from more than 100 different countries!
Lumion Visualization Competition 2014 Banner
Competition Winners!

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