Student Application Form:

For New Zealand based enquiries only. 

All enquiries from other countries,
see this Knowledge Base article

Are you studying in an architecture or design discipline at a recognised course?  You may be eligible for the (free) Lumion Pro Student. 

Lumion Pro Student can be applied for by individual tertiary (and some secondary) students in New Zealand.  We offer an annual (365 day) license to students subject to application.

To start the application process, please complete the following details.

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Student Application Form:

7. General specifications of your PC or laptop.  Make/model, amount of RAM,
    make/model of CPU.  And especially the make and model of graphics card.

7b.  Optional:  attach the Windows Diagnostics Report
       for your PC.

8. Copy of your Student ID (

must be current


9. Copy of your enrolment to confirm course and
    applicable studies relating to Lumion:

(JPG, PNG or PDF, screenshot): 5MB max file size

If you do not have a document that you can attach, then take a screenshot of your online course or confirmation about your studies
and also of your course timetable.  MUST include your name.

10. Please check that you have all the required information and attachments before
       submitting this form.


All fields are required (except optional 7b)

       Strict privacy is assured.

       Thank you.

6. Details about your course, year of study, plans for post-graduate etc. (max 500 char)

(JPG, PNG or PDF): 2MB max fie size

If issue/expiry dates are on the back, include copy of the back of ID.
For further information on Lumion Pro Student, please see our Resource PDF.

Check that your PC meets the requirements for running Lumion.


Computer Requirements:

Your PC must meet or exceed these: Lumion System Requirements.


If you are unsure then check first by contacting us here with the PC hardware details.

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Check that you have the required documents for attachment and fill in this form:
.Step 2: Site name
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